Focus Areas

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The Meaning of Place

In their research and teaching, various faculty members (some with more than 30 years of experience) address the basic questions of “where,” “what,” “when,” and “why” the world is how it is.




With increasing focus, we coalesce the science and practice of geodesign and how spatial policies, practices, and technologies can promote placemaking, sustainability, and human well-being.



Geospatial Tools & Techniques

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, geospatial technologies is one of the most important high-growth industries.  From mobile apps to spatial modeling and visualization, the development and use of geospatial tools and techniques is a major Institute research focus.



Maps & Maps Processing

We use maps to synthesize and analyze spatial relationships.  We routinely extract information from maps and use maps to show how different facets of our work are connected to one another, and communicate the results of our work with others.



Spatial Thinking & Learning

Through our research and teaching, we seek new ways to empower professionals, students, and the citizenry at large to spatially analyze and visualize solve real-world issues.