Civil Liberties and National Security

USC Spatial’s Susan Kamei offers USC’s first history course on WWII Internment

USC Spatial’s Jennifer Swift:
An Esri GIS Hero

Pioneer in Enterprise GIS Education Makes Sure Each Student Succeeds

Spatial Computing Successes

Students of USC Spatial’s Yao-Yi Chiang win awards

Bruins vs. Trojans: Map Battle for Puerto Rico

USC and UCLA spatial science students will participate in a timely project supported by Humanitarian OpenStreetMap

Advancing Sustainability at USC

USC Spatial’s Darren Ruddell chairs Academic Senate Sustainability Committee and its 2030 Proposal.

Making LA Age-Friendly with GeoDesign

USC Spatial’s Jennifer Swift and Darren Ruddell lead geovisualization initiative to meet the needs of diverse older adults

Enriching Holocaust Survivor Testimonies With Links to Historical Maps

Yao-Yi Chiang and his lab use historical maps to accurately identify World War II locations in USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive

Teaching teachers to use geospatial technologies

USC Spatial Prof. Katsuhiko Oda wins a National Center for Research in Geography Education Transformative Research Grant


USC Spatial researchers say mass-produced dwellings and home expansion have reduced residential green cover in the L.A. Basin as much as 55 percent.

Governing GEOINT Growth

USC Spatial Professor Steven D. Fleming speaks at the 2017 GEOINT Symposium with NGA Director Robert Cardillo

Through Space and Time

Spatial sciences enables us to see and understand our world in new ways, whether through the lens of the past, the present or the future.

2017 AAG Annual Meeting SSI Highlights

Faculty, leadership, students, and alumni present in Boston

Celebrating SSI Undergrad Research

Student teams present at the USC Undergraduate Symposium for Scholarly and Creative Work

Hacking for Food Security

USC SSI teams win NGA Los Angeles hackathon

2017 Geospatial Summit

Capturing the geospatial potential in the digital revolution


SSI students present crime pattern data analysis to LAPD

Empowering GIS at Audubon

SSI’s Yu Chuan Shan named a Dangermond Fellow at the National Audubon Society.

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