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The USC Spatial Sciences Institute faculty and staff conduct research and collaborate in many areas within Geographic Information Science and the related disciplines. In particular, we specialize in building GIScience models, spatial decision support systems, and tools, as well as spatial data capture, remote sensing, spatial analysis, the modeling of environmental and human health outcomes, urban ecology, conservation, and sustainability.

Learn more about our faculty expertise and focus areas, and read some of our recent publications:

Proctor, J.D., Bernstein, J., Brick, P., Brush, E., Caplow, S., Foster, F., Environmental engagement in trouble times: a manifesto. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences,, March 2018.

Chiang, Y.-Y., Feldman, D., Next Generation Framework for Imagery Recognition and Analysis. The 1st workshop of the NSF project: SI2-S2I2 Conceptualization: Geospatial Software Institute (GSI), Los Angeles, CA USA, January 2018.

Wu, J., Wan, Y., Chiang, Y.-Y., Fu, Z., Deng, M.,  A Matching Algorithm Based on Voronoi Diagram for Multi-Scale Polygonal Residential Areas. IEEE Access. doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2793302 (preprint), January 2018.

Zhang, L. L., Yue, T. X., Wilson, J. P., Zhao, N., Du, Z. P., and Liu, X., A comparison of satellite observations with the XCO2 surface obtained by fusing TCCON measurements and GEOS-Chem model outputsScience of the Total Environment, 601-602, 1575-1590, December 2017.

Brandt, S. J., Dickinson, B., Ghosh, R., Perez, L., Lurmann, F., Penfold, B., Wilson, J. P., Millet, M., Künzli, N., and McConnell, R., Costs of coronary heart disease and mortality associated with near-roadway air pollutionScience of the Total Environment, 601-602, 391-396, December 2017.

Duan, W. and Chiang Y.-Y., SRC: A Fully Automatic Geographic Feature Recognition System. SIGSPATIAL Special 9(3):6-7. doi: 10.1145/3178392.3178396, November, 2017.

Duan, W., Chiang, Y.-Y., Knoblock, C. A., Vinil, J., Feldman, D., Uhl, J. H., and Leyk, S., Automatic Alignment of Vector Data with Geographic Features for Feature Recognition in Historical Maps. In Proceedings of the First GeoAI Workshop, Redondo Beach, California, USA, November 2017.

Lin, H. and Chiang Y.-Y. SRC: Automatic Extraction of Phrase-level Map Labels from Historical Maps. SIGSPATIAL Special 9(3):14-15. doi: 10.1145/3178392.3178400,  November, 2017.

Lin Y., Pan F., Chiang Y.-Y., Stripelis D., Ambite J. L., Eckel S. P., and Habre R., Mining public datasets for modeling intra-city PM2.5 concentrations at a fine spatial resolution. In Proceedings of the 25th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (ACM SIGSPATIAL 2017), Redondo Beach, California, USA, November 2017.

Marx, A., and Rogers, M. Z., Analysis of Panamanian DMSP/OLS nightlights corroborates suspicions of inaccurate fiscal data: A natural experiment examining the accuracy of GDP dataRemote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 8:99-104, November 2017.

Uhl, J. H., Leyk, S., Chiang, Y.-Y., Duan, W., and Knoblock, C. A., Machine-learning based Approaches for Extracting Settlement Features from Historical Maps. In Proceedings of the International Land Use Symposium 2017 (Spatial data modelling and visualisation to enlighten sustainable policy making), Dresden, Germany, November, 2017.

Bernstein, J.M., Szuster, B. & Philips, Assessing the Diversity of Contemporary Environmentalism: Time for a New Paradigm. International Journal of Environmental Research, October 2017.

Holmes-Wong, D., Chiang, Y.-Y., Unlocking Maps for Discovery and Other Purposes, Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, October 2017.

Eckel, S. P., Deng, H., Urman, R., Habre, R., Morrison, J., Gauderman, J., Ambite, J. L., Chiang, Y.-Y., Stripelis, D., and Gilliland, F. D. Methods for Predicting Asthma Exacerbations using Personal Sensor Monitoring systems, International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE), Sydney, Australia, September 2017.

Shahabi, K., Wilson, J. P.Scalable Evacuation Routing in a Dynamic EnvironmentComputers, Environment and Urban Systems, 67:29-40, September 2017.

Pack, D. W., B. S. Hardy, and Longcore, TStudying Earth at night from CubeSatsProceedings of the 31st Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites, 1–11, August 2017.

Uhl, J. H., Leyk, S., Chiang, Y.-Y., Duan, W., and Knoblock, C. A., Extracting Human Settlement Footprint from Historical Topographic Map Series Using Context-Based Machine Learning. In Proceedings of the IAPR 8th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Systems, Madrid, Spain, July 2017.* best paper award.

story1We have worked with and seek new opportunities to partner with fellow USC faculty members, USC departments and centers, faculty with other institutions, not-for-profit and governmental agencies, and private sector entities.

Our collaborations include long-term ongoing partnerships, defined-length grants and projects, and pilot “proof-of-concept” projects.

Contact John P. Wilson, USC Spatial founding director and professor, to discuss how we together could forge new contributions to our understanding of the world around us through the spatial sciences and technologies.

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