Graduate Certificate in Spatial Analytics

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The Graduate Certificate in Spatial Analytics program is an intensive 12-unit graduate certificate program that is tailored for USC doctoral students who want to learn essential spatial analytical principles, rapidly evolving cloud-based and Internet-based geospatial technologies, online geospatial data sources, and advances in analytical techniques and modeling tools applied to their research interests. This program is designed to provide you with a strong foundation in the field of spatial analytics, while also allowing you to pursue your research interests. You'll be able to gain valuable knowledge from experts in the field and focus on advanced topics chosen by you as well as explore emerging technologies for personal development

Meet the Graduate Certificate in Spatial Analytics Doctoral Students

Charles Lehnen
Rebecca Smith
Matthew Nelson
Jiawen Fang
Michael R. Pfonner
Jingyi Fang
Ian Kim
Thuan Nguyen


The role of spatial computing in understanding the world, knowing and communicating our relationships to specific places, and navigating through those places.
The theoretical foundations and techniques of spatial analysis and the ways in which they have been used to identify spatial processes and patterns.
An introduction to spatial models identifying the key issues influencing the success of these models in simulating key social and environmental processes and health exposures.