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Esri Virtual Campus Training

The USC campus site license for Esri GIS software products includes an Esri Virtual Campus Training Subscription. This subscription entitles USC faculty, staff, and students to free, unlimited access to online courses at Esri's Virtual Campus. These courses are short (generally 2-4 hours), web-based course modules modeled on the key workflows that Esri users employ.

The catalog of Esri Virtual Campus courses is published here.

To request an access code for a free registration, please email Stephanie Tran, Spatial Sciences Institute administrative specialist, from your USC email account with the information about the course in which you are interested. Please do not email anyone at Esri to request this access code. You will receive the access code from Esri and can then proceed with your course registration.


Q: How do I know if my computer is capable to run ArcGIS for Desktop?
 A:      If you are not sure about the capacity of the computer on which you plan to run ArcGIS for Desktop, use this link to test your hardware and software. 
Q: How do I enable Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5?
 A:      As a pre-requisite, you need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed prior to installing ArcGIS for Desktop. Use this link on how to enable Microsoft .NET 3.5 on your desktop.  
Q: How can I install ArcGIS for Desktop on my Apple computer?
 A:      ArcGIS for Desktop only runs under Microsoft Windows OS. If you plan to use an Apple computer, use this link to find out what you need in order to install ArcGIS for Desktop on an Apple computer. 
Q: I’m having problems with installing my single-user license. Who can help me?
 A:      Please email with the issue you are having, your phone number and availability. Depending on the issue, one of the support staff will contact you via email or call you when you are available. 
Q: I have questions about using the software in my teaching or research.
 A:      Please email with a brief description of your research interests or your questions, and include your phone number and availability. Within three business days, one of our support staff will contact you via email or call you when you are available to discuss various options for assistance. 
Q: Are updates available?
 A:      Patches and service packs for ArcGIS can be found at
Q: I need to reconstruct my hard disk or move the software to a different computer, how do I reactivate my license?
 A:      If you need to re-install your ArcGIS for Desktop single-user license, and still have your license provisioning file when you first bought the software, make sure you de-authorize the license before uninstalling the software.

  1. Launch ArcGIS Administrator as an Administrator.
  2. Select Support Operations and click on Deauthorize.
  3. Install ArcGIS for Desktop and authorize the software using the provisioning file.

If you already uninstalled ArcGIS for Desktop before you deauthorized ArcGIS Desktop from your computer, download the ArcGIS Deauthorization Tool using this link.

If your computer crashed and can’t be recovered, or you reformatted your desktop before deauthorizing ArcGIS for Desktop, please send a request using your USC email address, with your contact information to We will get back to you within three business days. 

Q: I have a concurrent use license for multiple computers. Who can help me set up my license server?
 A:      Please contact the IT support for your academic unit. 
Q: How do I get an ArcGIS Online account?
 A:   You are assigned 50 online credits when the account is created. To learn more about how these credits will be consumed, use this link.