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The Spatial Sciences Institute partners with non-profits, educational institutions, government agencies, and mission-based for-profits which provide a public service.

Joint project types include:

  • Long-term partnerships (e.g., an ongoing, monthly, collaborative story series).
  • Discrete projects (e.g., with a defined beginning/end, specific topic, scope of work, and deliverables).
  • Pilot projects (e.g., short, proof-of-concepts that can be completed in one - two weeks with the goal of scaling up in the future).

A number of funding models are possible:

  • Partner Organization and the Spatial Sciences Institute apply for grants together.
  • Partner Organization applies for grants and sub-contracts to the Spatial Sciences Institute.
  • The Spatial Sciences Institute applies for grants and sub-contracts to Partner Organization.
  • Partner Organization pays the Spatial Sciences Institute through an hourly or flat rate using existing internal funding based on an MOU.

Recent Partners

Esri, Redlands, California
Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust
MLC & Associates, Costa Mesa, California
TerraGo, Atlanta, Georgia
USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture
USC Department of Anthropology
USC Gould School of Law
USC Marshall School of Business
USC Price School of Public Policy
USC School of Architecture
USC School of Social Work

Recent Funding Sources

California Central Cancer Registry
International Medical Corps
National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences
San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy
TerraGo, Atlanta, Georgia
Union Bank of California
USC Facilities Management Services Department
USC Real Estate Department
US Department of Defense, Legacy Resource Management Program

The Institute also supports scholarship at USC by occasionally offering small grants for research, providing faculty and students with opportunities to participate in conferences, workshops and seminars, distributing and supporting a variety of geospatial software, organizing workshops and working groups, and participating in interdisciplinary research projects.

To collaborate, please e-mail Dr. John Wilson, Spatial Sciences Institute Director, or call him at (213) 740-1908.