Monthly Archives: August 2020

Welcome to the Global Geodesign majors

On August 27, 2020, the Spatial Sciences Institute welcomed incoming freshman Amber Birdwell and welcomed back sophomore Christine Chen to the B.S. in Global Geodesign program. To kick off this academic year, Dr. Laura Loyola, Spatial Sciences Institute Director of Undergraduate Programs, hosted a Zoom to provide Amber and Christine with an overview of the…
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Thuận Nguyễn

Thuận Nguyễn is a third-year sociology Ph.D. student at the University of Southern California. He holds an AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences, a BA in Human Communication Studies and Sociology, and an MA in Sociology. Broadly, he is interested in exploring racial and spatial processes that shape how LGBTQ people of color access and…
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Christine Chen

Before coming to USC, I have always had a passion for design; however, I knew that I did not want to purely pursue a degree in design, but rather in a major that is much more interdisciplinary. After attending several USC panels and talking with numerous alumni, I came across the major of Global Geodesign…
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Alicia Adiwidjaja

The power of place is found in the story of where. In this emphasis on the geospatial does GeoDesign encourage me to think critically of the spatial context that defines all of our lives. The intersectionality of geographic information sciences, data analysis and architecture gives me the necessary perspective to navigate the built and natural…
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