Christine Chen

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Before coming to USC, I have always had a passion for design; however, I knew that I did not want to purely pursue a degree in design, but rather in a major that is much more interdisciplinary.

After attending several USC panels and talking with numerous alumni, I came across the major of Global Geodesign and I knew immediately that this is the major that I wanted to pursue. I was ecstatic to learn about its diverse curriculum that consisted of a range of classes, from architecture to urban planning courses.

Geodesign classes have taught me to identify spatial problems and solve them with innovative solutions that are unique for individual locations. In addition, the main difference between B.S. in Geodesign and B.S. in Global Geodesign is the summer courses coordinated with European and Asian universities in geodesign. The summer programs are truly the reason that intrigued and attracted me to Global Geodesign.

I look forward to spending my sophomore year summer in Amsterdam with students from various backgrounds that share the same passion in city planning as me. In my junior year summer in Beijing, I will learn more about the approaches to geodesign in Asia.

Although I have only been in the Spatial Science Institute for a year, I have already grown so much in acquiring in-depth mapping knowledge and ArcGISPro related technology skills. B.S. in Global Geodesign has truly enhanced my experience at USC and I cannot wait to see where the program will take me in the future!

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