Thuận Nguyễn

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Thuận Nguyễn is a third-year sociology Ph.D. student at the University of Southern California. He holds an AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences, a BA in Human Communication Studies and Sociology, and an MA in Sociology.

Broadly, he is interested in exploring racial and spatial processes that shape how LGBTQ people of color access and navigate spaces and social institutions. He is particularly interested in looking at urban (re)developments, planning policies, and placemaking practices to explore how spaces and places are racialized and “heterosexualized” in ways that work to exclude or include LGBTQ people of color from spaces. Lastly, he is interested in mapping LGBTQ spaces and institutional resources (e.g., gay bars and clubs, LGBTQ centers). He aims to visualize how LGBTQ spaces and resources are clustered and dispersed to understand the accessibility to spaces and resources and for whom.

By enrolling in the Graduate Certificate in Spatial Analytics, he hopes to build his spatial analytic skills and knowledge to apply them in his research pursuits.

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