Alicia Adiwidjaja

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The power of place is found in the story of where.

In this emphasis on the geospatial does GeoDesign encourage me to think critically of the spatial context that defines all of our lives. The intersectionality of geographic information sciences, data analysis and architecture gives me the necessary perspective to navigate the built and natural world around me. So, while I may not have known what GeoDesign was before coming into the program, I realize now that I have always been surrounded by it.

The interdisciplinary nature of the major makes studying GeoDesign an inherently collaborative process. This is apparent in the diverse community, curriculum and opportunities the program sets out to provide. With a particular interest in geographic information sciences (GIS), I especially enjoy being a part of the Spatial Sciences Institute as it has allowed me to further develop my mapping passions through several geospatial classes and research projects. That said, I hope to one day be able to integrate these skills into a career  path focused on humanitarian aid.

After all, the foundations for a better tomorrow are rooted in what we study today and there is no other major here that inspires students to build a better world quite like the GeoDesign program here at USC.

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