Yocelyn Pina

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Yocelyn Pina - My biggest interests are in the environment, urban agriculture, sustainable architecture, ecology, and the study of cultures and human interactions. I declared my GeoDesign major upon realizing that I cared significantly more about the functionality, culture, and people of a built environment than I did solely about the aesthetic of architectural design.

GeoDesign allows me to be a sponge – soaking up knowledge and experience from an interdisciplinary perspective. I’m learning how to critically bridge the gap between my interests and understanding the interconnectedness of the world. I’m learning to take a holistic approach to design that addresses the functionality, aesthetics, and cultural concerns of modern society.

Ultimately I am here to study what intrigues me as a student and exposes me to a broader / more in-depth understanding of life. I want to contribute to something meaningful in the sense that it helps others. Being a part of this major and a participant in the GeoDesign Fellowship means I am willing to take the initiative and have been given the opportunity to not only design, but to contribute to projects and research that are beneficial to society.

The future looks bright and efficient. - Yocelyn Pina

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