Melissa Pelowski

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Meet Melissa Pelowski: Geography is the mother of history. As a Law, History and Culture major and Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence minor, I’ve acquired great understanding of the past with a focus on the future. The Spatial Sciences Institute’s faculty have equipped me with methodological skills that are essential for undertaking humanitarian issues, most of which have been around for decades.

I recently became involved in a project demonstrating how political violence in 2017 African continent closely followed ethnic borders rather than national borders and was mostly due to arbitrary division of land by European powers in 1881. It demonstrated that this event exacerbated internal conflicts, inhibited continental growth and contributed to Africa’s low socio-economic index today.

GIS is also an outstanding creative outlet. Its highly visual pedigree allows for artistic input and marketability. Although I am not certain whether I’ll choose public or private sector after undergrad, due to my HSGI minor, I feel prepared to lead and serve in my community. I am most excited for my upcoming project in Greece this Fall semester, where I will be developing digital maps and 3D renderings of ancient Greek ruins. - Melissa Pelowski

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