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Erin Erickson

The Spatial Studies minor affords students a plethora of opportunities to apply spatial thinking to their own major courses of study. As a Sociology major, Spatial Studies enables me to quantify social outcomes related to public health and educational attainment based on geographic location. I am particularly interested in the use of spatial reasoning to…
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Lauren Mullarkey-Williams

Following my first year of undergrad, I started searching for a minor that could help my resume and future job applications stand out against others. As a Policy, Planning, and Development major with passions spread across many different fields, I wanted to find a common link to tie my interests and studies together. Spatial Studies…
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Yu Chuan Shan

Spatial science fascinates me with its ever-evolving mapping technology. Started with drawing paper maps in high school, I entered the world of GIS at USC and have been exploring the great potential of geospatial technology ever since. I first worked for SSI’s 3D campus modeling with CityEngine project, which helped me land a summer GIS…
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Alejandro Schugurensky

I graduated from USC in 2018 with a B.A. in Sociology and minors in Spatial Studies and Education and Society. I am interested in applying spatial thinking to different subfields of sociology, such as spatial inequality, demography, and the sociology of education. I mainly pursued my spatial studies minor in order to develop a quantitative…
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