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Monica Finnstrom

Monica Finnstrom - Spatial Studies offers the unique opportunity of bringing new insights to many different fields of study by applying spatial thinking. My interest in GIS stemmed from taking classes with the Spatial Sciences Institute, where I immediately became fascinated by its practicality and wide-spread application. As an Environmental Science and Health major, I…
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Rebbekah Castellanos

As an Environmental Studies major at USC, I have learned about the relationship between humans and the environment by taking interdisciplinary classes that focus on sociology, politics, geography, and urban planning. I chose to minor in Spatial Studies because I began to realize the importance it serves in understanding climate change and the effect it…
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Natalie Treadwell

My name is Natalie Treadwell and I will be receiving a BA in Fine Art from the Roski School of Art with a minor in Spatial Studies. The practice of art and mapping are quite similar in nature because they both are concerned with translating information into a visual representation. I chose to include spatial…
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Natalie Hayashibara

As a student of environmental studies, I want to be able to utilize the analysis, modeling, and mapping skills required of spatial studies and present information relating to anthropogenic. I believe that acquiring this skill set will be incredibly useful for creating real change and getting a job after college. There are so many important…
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