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Lilly Nie

I am an Urban Planning and Spatial Sciences student with an interest in community engagement, equity-driven growth and accessibility to sustainable alternative transportation methods. I consider myself a public servant leader and an advocate for building healthy and physically active communities. I worked as a research fellow at the Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC)…
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Braulio Hoyos

As a Policy, Planning, and Development major with a minor in Spatial Studies (USC'17), I learned about the power of analyzing and visualizing data to assess how people experience physical space at all urban scales. I developed my leadership, communication, and creative skills by self-funding four trips to study and/or work overseas. My experiences abroad…
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Sarah J. Ellis

Right after graduating USC in May 2015 with a major in Policy, Planning, and Development and a minor in Spatial Studies, I started a job as a contracted GIS Technician for Apple engineering teams. I worked with spatial data providing technical services, assessing, validating and enhancing world location data content for consumer applications and metrics.…
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