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Rachel Ablondi

One constant in my life has been my diverse range of passions, both in and out of school. As a result, choosing a major that would determine the trajectory of the rest of my life was a daunting task. I started at USC as a Chemistry major, switched to Undecided, and then to Environmental Engineering,…
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Valentine Fagan

I am currently a junior double majoring in Environmental Studies and Geodesign. A native of Boston, my multicultural mother raised me to be fluent in English, French, and German. After growing up in a highly diverse city, I attended high school in Boulder, Colorado before taking a gap year pre-USC. Since my sophomore year of…
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Andrew Leung

I’ve always been fascinated by the universal power that spaces hold for the human experience. Each and every one of us can think back to a specific place in this world that has profoundly resonated with us throughout our lives, and has elicited a distinct emotion within us, whether that be of elation, introspection, or…
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Victoria Dechamps

Victoria Dechamps - I was a geodesign student before I even knew what geodesign was. During my IB years in high school, I pursued my interests in physics, art, and geography even though I didn’t think those classes could come together and lead to anything concrete. Little did I know, they were perfect for a…
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