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Read about our Geodesign Majors, their academic accomplishments and more! For any questions please call 213-740-5910.

Erik Huisman

As a current B.S. GeoDesign student, I often look back at how my childhood led me to be where I am today. Growing up, I was always attracted to maps. I would obsess over ski resort maps during family vacations and rip out airplane route maps from the back of Skymall magazines. I spent my…
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Yocelyn Pina

Yocelyn Pina - My biggest interests are in the environment, urban agriculture, sustainable architecture, ecology, and the study of cultures and human interactions. I declared my GeoDesign major upon realizing that I cared significantly more about the functionality, culture, and people of a built environment than I did solely about the aesthetic of architectural design.…
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Sarah Ta

I’ve always been interested in the environment, which is why I originally applied to USC as an Environmental Studies major. However, I quickly realized that I wanted to do more than just learn about the world around me. My goal is to find sustainable solutions that improve people’s standard of living and promote harmony between…
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Cameron Levine

I remember sitting on a log at Boy Scout summer camp, listening to a lecture on compasses, UTM coordinate system, and satellites in order to get my orienteering merit badge. Although I’d like to say that I was deeply fascinated by this, in reality all I wanted was to be in the archery range with…
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