Yuqing Qian

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I’m from Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. I have a bachelor of management from Shanghai Maritime University. I have worked in software development and have experience as a coder.

I was drawn to the USC M.S. in Spatial Informatics degree program because it combines big data and spatial sciences. In the program I used programming techniques, informatics capabilities, and GIS skills to process, integrate, and analyze data which can be applied to many areas: healthcare, marketing, education, transportation and environmental sustainability.

In the Spatial Informatics program, I developed a comprehensive professional knowledge base of GIS as well as informatics knowledge, and having many opportunities to apply what I have learned to the real world.

After graduating from the SPIF program in May 2017, I returned to China, where I now work with the Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Center.

[Note: Yuquing was in this program when it was called "Spatial Informatics," now called "Spatial Data Science."]

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