Tejal Patted

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I have a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering from India followed by two years of work experience as a SAP consultant at Deloitte LLP. I realized my interest in informatics during a business analytics training I attended to learn the trending skills in technology industry. With the advancements in various technologies to collect geospatial data, there is an increasing demand for knowledge regarding application of analytics to spatial data.

I have found the USC MS in Spatial Informatics program to be a unique blend of data analytics and spatial sciences. Throughout my master’s program, I have learnt various data analysis techniques and tools applicable for spatial and non-spatial data.

I currently work as a machine learning intern focusing on developing algorithms for computer vision domain for a startup in California. Following my graduation in May 2018, I plan to pursue my career in development and application of machine learning algorithms for spatial sciences.

[Note: Tejal was in the USC program when it was known as "Spatial Informatics." It is now known as "Spatial Data Science." She is currently a data scientist and machine learning engineer with Walmart Labs in Sunnyvale, California.]

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