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Curriculum Vitae

2007 Ph.D., Statistics and Environmental Health, Harvard University
2003 M.Sc., Statistics, Carleton University
2001 B.Sc., Mathematics and Chemistry, McGill University

Meredith Franklin is Associate Professor, Department of Preventive Medicine, Division of Biostatistics, Keck School of Medicine of USC and of Spatial Sciences.

Her research interests are in environmental statistics and epidemiology with specific focus on the application of spatial statistical methods to climate and air pollution data:

  • Spatio-temporal interpolation of observed, high-frequency climate data for the purpose of evaluating parameterizations and processes represented in global and regional climate models.
  • Quantification of uncertainty in climate model outputs and propagation of this uncertainty when coupling climate to other physical models (hydrological, agricultural, economic).
  • Development of functional regression models for dealing with spatial misalignment of environmental data.
  • Epidemiological assessment of the human health impacts associated with exposure to fine, ultrafine and chemical components of particulate matter air pollution.