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B.S., Biology, Grand Valley State University
PSM, Biostatistics, Grand Valley State University

Andy has been a biostatistician and epidemiologist at a Michigan-based hospital system. There he supported and collaborated on research studies with residents, fellows, physicians and scientists on topics including cardiovascular health, lifestyle/nutritional health, clinical trials, suicidology and genomics.

Prior to coming to the Population, Health and Place program, his interests included developing reproducible research workflows for querying & analyzing electronic health records, improving research education for medical residents, and expanding the role of spatial analysis approaches in health care research. He has worked to develop spatial analysis, aberration detection, and mapping support for infectious diseases within his health system, while also marrying infectious disease data with public datasets to provide greater context toward understanding patient populations.

Since graduating with a master’s degree in biostatistics from Grand Valley State University, Andy has worked at his alma mater as a part-time adjunct instructor. He has developed curriculum for introductory statistics courses and integrated R, Rmarkdown and Shiny into the classroom for lecture notes, classroom exercises and exam generation.

Andy is interested in applying and developing novel spatial and spatiotemporal methods and exploring the intersections of the environment, patient health, and socioeconomic indicators. He hopes to contribute to research that can better inform public health epidemiology, improve access to care, and support neglected and under-served communities.