Do Something the City of LA Apparently Can’t: Track and Map the City’s Billboards

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Chris Vogel

Sick of all damn billboards? Frustrated that no one seems to be able to keep them in check?

Well, now there's a little something you can do about it.

A Ph.D. Candidate in spatial science at USC has developed a Website that tracks and maps the visual eyesores in hopes of creating LA's first database of billboard locations, but it relies on users to make it happen by filling in the blanks.

"No one knows where all the billboards are, not even the city of Los Angeles, the body responsible for regulating billboards," states the Website.

A few years ago LA Weekly tackled the subject of billboards and the city's lax regulation, and discovered there were about 4,000 illegal billboards cluttering the skies. All these despite the 2002 moratorium on new billboards.

"The city of Los Angeles began regulating billboards in the last ten years," according to the USC student's project, however, "billboard companies continue to erect new billboards, in defiance of the city regulation and with knowledge of the city's extremely limited resources for inspection ...."

Furthermore, according to the scientists, the city doesn't even know where all the billboards are at any given moment.

"This project is an attempt to harness the power and knowledge of the public to tackle this large task," they say.

Users can upload locations and photos of a billboard onto the interactive map. When you click on one of the billboards which has already been posted, you can view information such as which company put up the giant placard and exactly where it is and what it looks like.

(See the original article here)

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