SSI Lecturer Darren Ruddell to Lead Summer Spatial Course for High School Students

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This summer, local high school students will have an opportunity to study with USC Dornsife faculty during a four-week session.  The program Summer@USC has a wide range of course offerings, and this summer will include a new opportunity in spatial sciences.

Lecturer Dr. Darren Ruddell developed a new course, “Navigating Our World: Science, Digital Mapping and Communication,” to introduce students to the spatial thinking and technology that has become a growing necessity in a world of big data and GPS-enabled technology.

“Students will have the flexibility to express their particular interest,” Ruddell said. “If they’re interested in urban planning, we could collect data on green spaces. If they want to learn about bike paths or public transportation, we can tailor our data collection to those interests.”

The course is featured in a story just published on the USC Dornsife website.  To learn more, click through to the story:  Summer@USC.

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