Serphina Wang

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People often say that students with a humanities major like me lack “hard skills” in terms of not having a concrete knowledge on science. So when l searched for potential minors, I aimed to look for skill-based minors that can complement my International Relations Global Business (IRGB) background. This led me to discover Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence, and I immediately took interest in it after I learned more about the minor. To be able to acquire an in-demand skillset like GIS and geospatial intelligence is exactly what I’m looking for.

As an international relations major, HSGI interests me both in providing more potential career outlook and most importantly, allowing me to promote human security. There are many natural disasters or man-made conflicts in our current society that constantly threatens the stability of human security, and as a global citizen I always want to know how I can involve in improving the status quo. For now I can simply donate or volunteer for human security aid, but to be able to contribute on higher decision making level is something I want to pursue..

Even if I don’t plan on devoting myself into governmental work, an HSGI minor also helps me in business, for there’s always opportunities for spatial science to be involved in other industries. Whether it is knowing which region is suitable for investment, or simply learning the ability to collect data and analyze it, having spatial science knowledge can assist me in business decision making.

With all the possibilities available I’m excited to thrive as a HSGI minor, and I look forward to become competitive in both private and public sectors with this discipline.

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