Read Jennifer Bernstein’s article on environmental engagement

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The Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences has published an article by USC Spatial's Jennifer Bernstein and colleagues on "Environmental engagement in troubled times: a manifesto" online as of March 18, 2018.

Bernstein and her co-authors James D. Proctor, Philip Brick, Emma Brush,  Susan Caplow, and Kenneth Foster summarize their article as follows:

"These are troubled times: our scholarly efforts in environmental studies and sciences seem under assault on all fronts. Yet we argue not just for environmental action, but for greater emphasis on environmental engagement as a foundation for effective action. The etymology of engagement suggests connection, commitment, and communication—a risky yet indispensable ingredient of effective action. We exemplify this approach to environmental engagement in four contexts of increasing scope: within our environmental studies and sciences community, across the college campus, among our fellow Americans, and at the global scale. In all such contexts, engagement is no end-run around conflict; it is political just like any form of action. Yet by engaging, we can be the environmental leadership that is so plainly missing and desperately needed to produce meaningful change."

Bernstein’s research interests are in American environmentalism, Western American environmental history, online teaching and learning, and California geography. She currently serves as the chair of the Distance Learning Subcommittee for the Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences.



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