Natalie Millstein

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I have always loved to explore. Whether I’m doing scientific diving on Ngederrak Reef in Palau or strolling through the nooks and crannies of downtown Los Angeles, there are always more details to discover. The details build the context of a city and the context is often the most important aspect to me.

Having spent most of my life in New York and Washington, DC, I continually investigate these cities, and every time I return, something has changed. The change may be manifested in the built environment or it could be in the people, but it is the interaction between the two that entices me most.

I enjoy studying geography, planning, GIS and economics, but I chose the B.S. in GeoDesign because of its unique approach to problem solving. It provides me with a context in which I can place current concerns that must be addressed spatially. Whether it be accommodating the growing population of Los Angeles, designing more efficient transportation systems, or coastal management, GeoDesign lets me examine the physical, cultural, and economic values that make a space into a "place."

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