Mia Poynor

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Mia Poynor - I recently started a one-year internship with the Federal Geographic Committee (FGDC), and I found out about this internship on the Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) website. The VSFS website offers hundreds of online, government affiliated internships for students exploring careers in the government. Having GIS as one of my skills helped me land this internship especially due to my prior knowledge of ArcGIS Pro and story maps.

My team members and I are creating a platform for other countries and organizations in order to easily integrate their geospatial data and have it updated in real time. We focus on data such as disaster data and Sustainable Development Goals. The biggest identified gap for many stakeholders is the lack of data and accessibility. In order to address this gap, we are creating a standard website that can be used across many organizations. Several notable organizations we work with include NASA, NOAA, and other departments within the government that address these topics. One of the goals of this internship is to go to Peru for a conference and give a presentation on our platform and other related findings. - Mia Poynor


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