Leo Ngo

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Maps were my first fascination, dating all the way to elementary school where I would stare at maps of my area and list off streets before my mom got to them. When I got my first car, I would wander throughout the Pacific Northwest, trying to truly understand the flavor each city had.

When I came to USC, I knew I wanted to something important, but I didn’t know what that meant at first. I looked into a few majors and found that the scope of those majors seemed too narrow for my interests. As an interdisciplinary major, GeoDesign is allowing me to envision a future in which my impact could be as large as I have hoped it could be. Through GeoDesign, my understanding of the urban context and the decisions surrounding the creation of the world we live in has increased tremendously.

I plan on using the skillsets I am learning in the GeoDesign program, my minor in statistics, and my work with big data to pursue a career in urban planning in order to contribute to improving cities around the United States.

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