Grace Corsi

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Whether it was constructing elaborate forts as a child, singing in choirs, composing music, or designing treehouses, I’ve always found immense joy in the process of creating. This has carried into my studies at USC, where I am double majoring in Jazz Voice and GeoDesign.

Growing up in Seattle, I developed a deep love for the outdoors and a calling to address issues of sustainability. I’m particularly interested in examining the interactions between cities and the natural environment. I chose GeoDesign because of its solution oriented approach to cities and sustainability. The major emphasizes a value-based, creative design process grounded in geographic information. In a world increasingly driven by economic profit, I think this idealistic yet data-driven approach is vital in addressing environmental and social issues. With classes in architecture, design, geographic information and public policy, the major has expanded my thinking in the process of creative problem-solving.

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