Leah Zeledon

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When researching USC during the college application process, I came across the Global Geodesign major. I had never heard of the major before, but was instantly intrigued upon reading the major’s learning objectives. I have always had an affinity for architecture and was searching for a major that incorporated some of those ideas. I was further drawn to the global aspect of Global Geodesign, as I am passionate about traveling and learning more about the world.

With a growing population and scarce resources, it is evident that changes must be made to support all of Earth’s inhabitants and protect the planet itself. Geodesign is the forward-thinking approach that society must take on in order to build sustainably. Because of Global Geodesign’s progressive approach and interdisciplinary focuses, I knew it was the major for me.

While studying Global Geodesign, I look forward to visiting Asia and Europe to learn how those regions utilize sustainable design. I am also particularly interested in the geographic information science skills I will learn and am eager to gain new perspectives.

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