Erin Barr

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Critical thinking and the ability to analyze data are skills valuable in any profession as well as general daily life. These are proficiencies that I find particularly helpful and necessary for my current studies and a potential career in law. I chose a major that provides me with a good foundation in the history and current practice of law in the U.S., but I wanted to add a course of study that supplemented that general knowledge with a more specific concentration and practical skill set.

In the world we live, it is difficult to ignore conflict around the globe and the serious threats our country and others face. The key to protecting a country and its citizens is the prevention of violence and attacks on its soil. Often, this is achieved through the collection and interpretation of intelligence. The Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence minor focuses on areas of expertise desired and often required by organizations specializing in defense and provides students with the unique opportunity to gain the ability to contribute to national security. Anyone interested in working for the government in a security department or who wants a general understanding of methods of defense would be well served by an academic foundation in human security and geospatial intelligence.

Even if a career in intelligence is not your desired path, the ability to take information, dissect it, and arrive at a solution is a professionally valuable aptitude. The offered courses foster these proficiencies and the subject matter is incredibly interesting. I believe the experience I am gaining from the HSGI minor will prepare me for the professional world and make me a more educated citizen with regards to national security.

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