Dillon Bonde

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As a Midshipman in USC’s NROTC Battalion, I have always had an interest in serving our country. Upon graduating from USC, I will commission as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. I am always looking for opportunities to learn new skills and information that will help me become a more well-rounded officer in the Marines. My political science major has helped me to understand the complications of the relationship between our government and our military, and the processes of policymaking at home and overseas.

When I heard about the human security and geospatial intelligence minor, I immediately saw an incredible opportunity to gain a new, unique set of skills that will help me to be the well-rounded officer I strive to become. The knowledge and skills I will learn through the HSGI minor will not only benefit my military career, but will also be valuable in my life after the military, as I plan to continue serving my country through the Department of Defense or the State Department.

The HSGI minor is a must for any USC student, whether ROTC or not, who is looking to pursue a career promoting international security through our government agencies.


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