Declan Sullivan

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I still remember the moment I decided to pursue architecture. My 6th grade teacher was lecturing the class about the Roman Empire, and I became immediately captivated by how their innovative structural designs impacted the extent of growth and power they achieved. As I grew older, my fascination for spatial design and the built environment inspired me to pursue the 5-year Bachelor of Architecture degree at USC. During my freshman year, I was immersed in the processes of design and spatial reasoning, and while I was fascinated by the curriculum, I found that I really wanted to delve into the global issues of design.

In the same year, I took a course called “Sustainability Science in the City” which explored climate change and sustainability and introduced the concept of GeoDesign. I was shocked to learn the extent of environmental degradation that has occurred from the lack of sustainable practices and it inspired me to look into the GeoDesign major. Right away I knew I would love GeoDesign because it allowed me to study not only architecture, but also urban planning, cartography, and sustainability. In addition, all the courses in the program focused their curriculum on addressing global problems in the built and natural environment. GeoDesign has truly changed my perspective on climate change and the urgency with which we must find solutions. Inarguably, it is one of the biggest problems our generation faces.

I plan to pursue a career in architecture or urban planning to help make our cities more sustainable.

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