Celebrating SSI Faculty Promotions

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Dr. John P. Wilson, professor and founding director of the USC Spatial Sciences Institute, has announced that Dr. Laura C. Loyola and Dr. An-Min Wu have been promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor (Teaching) and that Dr. Robert O. Vos has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor (Teaching), effective immediately.

Dr. Laura C. Loyola

Loyola is an integrative and evolutionary biologist who combines geographic information science (GIS) and remote sensing techniques to help preserve the habitat of the critically endangered Tana River colobus monkey (Procolobus rufomitratus). Her work has contributed to the International Union of Conservation of Nature’s Red Colobus Conservation Action Plan, a comprehensive strategy for preserving the habitat and continuation of these threatened animals. In addition to her teaching and research, Loyola serves as the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Spatial Sciences Institute.

Dr. An-Min Wu

Wu's research interests are in the integration of environmental sciences and geographic information science. In particular, she is interested in understanding the impacts of human disturbances to critical soil properties in both natural and urban environments, and their feedback to human health in various spatial and temporal scales. She currently is investigating the health risks and racial injustice behind the historical lead smelters in the United States. Wu recently served as president of the California Geographic Information Association.

Dr. Robert O. Vos

Vos has published extensively on theories and concepts of sustainability, industrial ecology and lifecycle assessment. His specialties include using GIS methodologies and workflows to improve methods used to measure the carbon footprint of many consumer products to more accurately assess their true environmental impact. His article "The Spatially Explicit Water Footprint of Blue Jeans: Spatial Methods in Action for Sustainable Consumer Products and Corporate Management of Water" won the 2019 Case Studies in the Environment Prize for the best environmental case study in the journal for the year. Vos serves as SSI's Director of Graduate Studies, in addition to carrying out his teaching responsibilities and research.

Wilson said, "These promotions are much deserved and speak to the many important and positive contributions these colleagues make to the success of the Spatial Sciences Institute, the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, and the University of Southern California on a daily basis. We congratulate Laura, An-Min, and Bob on these milestones in their careers and thank them for all they do."

The Institute will hold a remote event soon in which the SSI community can come together to toast their success with a beverage (or two) of choice.

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