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Mia Poynor

Mia Poynor - I recently started a one-year internship with the Federal Geographic Committee (FGDC), and I found out about this internship on the Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) website. The VSFS website offers hundreds of online, government affiliated internships for students exploring careers in the government. Having GIS as one of my skills helped…
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Joanna Wang

Joanna Wang - I graduated USC with a B.S. in GeoDesign and a minor in Economics in May 2018. For my summer internship in the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office DataLA Summer Academy, my project with the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation for the 2019 Vision Zero program was to identify a set of…
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Courtney Fassett

Courtney Fassett - I am a junior majoring in GeoDesign with a double minor in Applied Analytics and Spanish. The Spatial Sciences Institute alerted me that the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office was accepting applications for its Data Team’s DataLA Summer Academy.  I was accepted and landed a summer internship with the City of Los Angeles…
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Harrison Knapp

Harrison Knapp - I am currently pursuing both a B.S. in GeoDesign and a B.A. in Earth Sciences. The interdisciplinary quality of the GeoDesign program has opened my eyes to the interconnectedness of both the natural and human factors in weather and natural hazards, and studying spatial and temporal patterns of these events has taught…
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