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Harrison Knapp

Weather has always fascinated me. Growing up in the Northeast, I was exposed to all sorts of seasonal climate and severe weather patterns, whether that be the muggy heatwaves of the summer, the hurricanes of the fall, or the frigid bomb cyclones of the winter. Constantly surrounded by these natural phenomena, my mind was always…
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Autumn Gupta

One of the things that attracted me most to USC was the emphasis on interdisciplinary studies and the access to research I would have as an undergraduate student. I love how the GeoDesign major enhances and expands upon my coursework with my Environmental Studies major. I am a problem solver by nature, so I really…
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Julian Herren

I have always been interested in the natural environment and how us humans have chosen to shape it. I suppose my interests stem from my parents and have since grown out of my desire to combine what they are passionate about. My dad is a home builder with degrees in real estate and landscape architecture…
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Joanna Wang

I always like to think the city I'm from sort of grows along with me. When I was small, my parents would need to bike me to kindergarten, later came the extensive subway system, and by the time I went to high school, the final one mile between subway stations and my home was connected…
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