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Eliza Gutierrez-Dewar

Growing up, I was surrounded by art and technology. Throughout my time in school, my focus was divided between technical skills and creative activities. Going into college, I felt I had to choose which of my seemingly polarized interests I wanted to pursue, not realizing there might be a way to combine them all. I…
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Grace Corsi

Whether it was constructing elaborate forts as a child, singing in choirs, composing music, or designing treehouses, I’ve always found immense joy in the process of creating. This has carried into my studies at USC, where I am double majoring in Jazz Voice and GeoDesign. Growing up in Seattle, I developed a deep love for…
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Monty Hasan

When I first got accepted into the USC School of Architecture, I was thrilled – studying to become an architect had always been my childhood dream. However, after a year in the Bachelor of Architecture program, I realized that I needed more flexibility and variety in my schedule with my current interests and pursuits. GeoDesign…
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Declan Sullivan

I still remember the moment I decided to pursue architecture. My 6th grade teacher was lecturing the class about the Roman Empire, and I became immediately captivated by how their innovative structural designs impacted the extent of growth and power they achieved. As I grew older, my fascination for spatial design and the built environment…
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