Ben Banet

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As an Interdisciplinary Studies major, I am researching with Professor Travis Longcore how light pollution might affect wildlife, the human experience, and astronomical observations across the National Park Service’s 408 units. I’m developing and carrying out a methodology for analyzing and processing remote sensing data from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Day-Night Band. Next, our team will develop a protocol for processing our data, and solicit peer review from knowledgeable experts. Once our protocol has been verified, I will gather the necessary data such as VIIRS datasets and national park shapefiles. As those are located, I will place them into a new geodatabase and process the data to identify how much light pollution is in and around each park. I am confident that with this interdisciplinary background, I will have the skill sets that I can apply to almost any career or use to pursue my interests in the environment and natural resources.

The Dark Side of Light

Scientist Travis Longcore and undergraduate student Benjamin Banet ’18 have been studying the effects of light pollution on marine wildlife at California beaches and the Wrigley...
Video by Mike Glier and Mira Zimet

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