Austin Chow

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Austin Chow - I am currently on track to graduate with a B.S. in GeoDesign in May 2019 and a M.S. in Planning in May 2020. During my undergraduate years, I have explored the potential uses of GIS and utilized my GeoDesign background while interning at a landscape architecture firm and a real estate company. I was also given a great opportunity to work with the USC Auxiliary Service Director of Design, Jerry Wingate. I am still working in that department, and I have explored architecture, planning, and interior design through real-world projects for the university.

After graduation, I would like to work for a planning team in theme park design or real estate development, bringing together the unique values of GIS and my expertise in GeoDesign in to these fields. My perspective is that GIS is similar to storytelling, creating and sharing about the integration between science and art. As a storyteller, I would like the user to explore patterns beyond what one can see. Utilizing my GeoDesign background and various internship experiences, I would like to create and design projects that many people can experience and benefit from. As GIS evolves and grows, new technology within GIS will benefit the users and ultimately the community that comes in to contact with this emerging field. - Austin Chow

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