Austin Chow

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My most recent internship experience is with USC Auxiliary Services. I was offered a great opportunity to intern with the USC Auxiliary Service Director of Design, Jerry Wingate. Their area of expertise is in architecture and interior design. This internship is coveted among many students due to its prestige on campus. It is not advertised and only known by word of mouth or connections within the department. This internship has been a rewarding experience so far. I have been involved in campus-wide events including setting up holiday decorations in hospitality, working on Valentine’s Day and Commencement Day flower operations, and participating in the interior design of offices on campus. Internship projects include the Coliseum office redecoration, Health Science Center quad renovation, Moreton Fig Patio redesign, among others. My work with the Director of Design has helped improve my AutoCAD skills, which is a skill not taught in the GeoDesign undergraduate courses. This internship has given me a leg up from other students who take GeoDesign undergraduate courses and also provided me an outlet to express my designs.

I also interned at Kobata Associates, a landscaping firm where I worked on architectural layouts on autocad for projects and attended on-site visits. This internship has helped me in my coursework especially in Arch 403 (a landscape architecture-based studio course). I was one of the few students, perhaps only student, who had a background in landscape architecture. Overall, my internships have been heavily design-driven and have led me to choose a career path that is aligned with design.

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