Alanna Schenk

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I have always been intrigued by the workings of the international system and what constitutes humanitarian intervention, human rights, conflict trends, and resolution. Human rights violations take place everywhere as a result of political, structural, and systemic violence. Additionally, solutions to these problems often seem unattainable. My interest is to help recognize and ameliorate these human rights violations through geospatial technologies. Specifically, I am interested in how geographic technologies and satellite-based reports can be used in support of humanitarian operations during both armed conflicts and natural disasters.

As an International Relations major, I find the use of geospatial information by UN decision makers, NGOs, and international organizations in creating solutions for peace and humanitarian relief fascinating. International Relations, with the addition of a technical skill like GIS, is incredibly valuable in the job market. Furthermore, the skills gained from the Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence minor aren’t limited to human rights and can be applied to a variety of subjects including the environment and preparing for natural disasters. As a technical field, GIS is what almost every profession needs as analytics and data interpretation are becoming increasingly important. Additionally, sharing research findings via charts and maps is a creative outlet that I have thoroughly enjoyed during my time at USC.

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