Adam Vaccaro

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I am from Pasadena, California and I earned my bachelor’s degree in earth sciences with a minor in mathematics here at USC. During my undergraduate career, I conducted research at USC’s Climate Dynamics Laboratory that focused on paleoclimate and climate variability. I found that I really enjoyed the data science aspects of my research, which led me to apply to the M.S. in Spatial Informatics program.

As a student in Spatial Informatics, I am eager to learn about data science subjects including machine learning and data mining, as well as spatial sciences curriculum covering geographic information systems and related applications. Through this program, I hope to acquire a set of technical skills and expertise that will form a powerful quantitative toolkit enabling me to more fully explore topics in climate science, as well as fields that were outside the purvey of my undergraduate degree including hydrology, environmental science, and transportation systems. I believe a degree in Spatial Informatics will make me a competitive candidate in a variety of specialized technical areas, and will allow me to begin a high-skilled career in a field I am passionate about.

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