Monthly Archives: July 2021

Kenan Li publishes research on disproportionate COVID-19 mortality in California

Kenan Li, Ph.D., research scientist with the USC Spatial Sciences Institute, along with a team from the Keck School of Medicine Department of Preventive Medicine (now the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences), has published research on the disproportionate mortality impact of COVID-19 on identified racial//ethnic groups. With co-authors Erika Garcia, Ph.D., Sandrah P.…
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Leah Zeledon

When researching USC during the college application process, I came across the Global Geodesign major. I had never heard of the major before, but was instantly intrigued upon reading the major’s learning objectives. I have always had an affinity for architecture and was searching for a major that incorporated some of those ideas. I was…
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Saskia River

I am thrilled to be part of the Global Geodesign program and pursue a unique degree only offered at USC. I am eager to expand my understanding of the most critical issues facing the environment, sustainability and urbanization, and their interdependencies within a global context. This program at USC seems custom built for me as…
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Hallie Faust

I’m from Palo Alto, California, and am eager to start the USC Global Geodesign major in Fall 2021. As someone who has always had an interest in global perspectives and sustainability, this major offers the perfect opportunity for me to pursue these passions. I look forward to exploring a variety of fields—including urban planning, sustainability,…
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