Monthly Archives: June 2020

Yocelyn Pina

Yocelyn Pina - My biggest interests are in the environment, urban agriculture, sustainable architecture, ecology, and the study of cultures and human interactions. I declared my GeoDesign major upon realizing that I cared significantly more about the functionality, culture, and people of a built environment than I did solely about the aesthetic of architectural design.…
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SSI Launches B.S. in Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence

(L-R) Professor Steven Lamy, GEN [R] David Petraeus, COL [R] Professor Steven D. Fleming, and Professor Michael Orosz discuss human security and geospatial science challenges and opportunities. Innovative major completes spectrum of SSI’s HSGI academic programs Interested in career paths in humanitarian response and relief, global human rights, international border conflicts, public health emergencies, global…
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Dr. Elisabeth Sedano promoted to Assistant Professor (Teaching)

The Spatial Sciences Institute (SSI) is pleased to announce that its faculty member Elisabeth Sedano, Ph.D., has been promoted to Assistant Professor (Teaching) of Spatial Sciences. Sedano teaches courses in SSI's undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs. The undergraduage courses she teaches include the general education course SSCI 265: The Water Planet and SSCI 301: Maps…
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