Mike Kellison

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"As a Senior Planner and unofficially the GIS Manager at the City of Chino, I realized the value in quality data that would allow me and others in our organization to properly identify property. With a desire to improve efficiency within the city and a need to choose a thesis topic, I utilized Microsoft Excel and GIS in combination with street centerline and parcel geocoding from a city government's multiple, internal spreadsheets and databases to create a Master Address File and Address Points that can be used citywide. This accurate and complete set of Address Points is a superior solution to street centerline or parcel geocoding alone."

"This was a perfect thesis project and was more rewarding than I could have predicted, as it has opened up doors to other opportunities. When our city’s police department heard about the project, they invited me to help with the roll out of a new computer aided dispatch system that would utilize our newly created address points. When my Esri account representative heard about the project, he invited me to present at the Esri Pacific User Meeting."

"Being a part of the SSI/GIST family has added value to my overall knowledge, career, and future opportunities. Learning about GPS technologies on Catalina Island led to my ability to establish a data collection program with our public works department for the creation of a city tree inventory. I have also been asked to speak with other students in the program about my thesis work and how my experience can help them work through their projects."

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