Dennis Nakasone

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Dennis Nakasone is a Graduate Certificate candidate in the Geographic Information Science and Technology program at USC. He is also a senior systems engineer at Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems, a leader in satellite development and manufacturing.

“As an engineer, I find that evolving technology creates new opportunities for solutions that did not exist even in the recent past. The USC GIST education provides the learning environment to better understand these new geospatial capabilities and find synergies with my aerospace background. In a recent field study at Catalina Island, our team used differential GPS techniques and GIS to map the village of Two Harbors. This experience gave me a new and different perspective to the capabilities of the GPS satellites we manufacture at Boeing.”

The USC program demands significant investment in time and effort but provides the flexibility offered by the online course structure.

“The classes I have taken have been rigorous yet extraordinarily well-designed and taught. I have found that my two professors, Dr. Darren Ruddell and Dr. Edward Pultar, provided the instruction and fostered the interaction that made the online coursework so effective. The flexibility of this online structure is the only way I could attend graduate school and maintain my commitment to career and family life.”

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