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Megan Maasberg

As a psychology major, I am amused by human behavior and revel in understanding what motivates other people. I am particularly interested in the macro trends of crime in foreign countries to help establish efficient preventative methods. After undergrad, I would like to continue learning as a graduate student and specialize in criminal psychology. I…
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Christian Relleve

As an architecture major, my personal endeavor is to design for a bigger purpose: to design buildings and infrastructures that can solve bigger issues with the help of understanding a larger network of contextual information. This constitutes the scope of international policies; humanitarian and disaster solutions; security regional analysis; dynamic territorial studies, and finally, strategic…
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Erin Barr

Critical thinking and the ability to analyze data are skills valuable in any profession as well as general daily life. These are proficiencies that I find particularly helpful and necessary for my current studies and a potential career in law. I chose a major that provides me with a good foundation in the history and…
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Mia Poynor

With spatial technologies, we can explore how health can inform human security. I'm studying Health and Human Sciences with a focus in International Health, but for the longest time I was undecided, unsure where to focus my studies due to my interests in multiple areas. However, once I chose my major that favored my interdisciplinary…
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