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Dillon Bonde

As a Midshipman in USC’s NROTC Battalion, I have always had an interest in serving our country. Upon graduating from USC, I will commission as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. I am always looking for opportunities to learn new skills and information that will help me become a more well-rounded officer in the Marines. My political science major has…
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Alanna Schenk

I have always been intrigued by the workings of the international system and what constitutes humanitarian intervention, human rights, conflict trends, and resolution. Human rights violations take place everywhere as a result of political, structural, and systemic violence. Additionally, solutions to these problems often seem unattainable. My interest is to help recognize and ameliorate these…
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Serphina Wang

People often say that students with a humanities major like me lack “hard skills” in terms of not having a concrete knowledge on science. So when l searched for potential minors, I aimed to look for skill-based minors that can complement my International Relations Global Business (IRGB) background. This led me to discover Human Security…
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Robert Smith

As an ROTC cadet, I am looking for coursework that equips me to excel in the future as an Army officer. My degree in International Relations prepares me to understand and affect the highest levels of policymaking, but I wanted to round that broad knowledge out with a more technical skill-set. This addition to my…
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