Christian Relleve

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As an architecture major, my personal endeavor is to design for a bigger purpose: to design buildings and infrastructures that can solve bigger issues with the help of understanding a larger network of contextual information. This constitutes the scope of international policies; humanitarian and disaster solutions; security regional analysis; dynamic territorial studies, and finally, strategic planning with strategic defense. By utilizing my background in architecture, I can broaden my knowledge with the help of the Human Security and Geospatial Intelligence minor. My goal is to use these skillsets to further advance our infrastructural qualities that can solve complex local issues, regional issues, and global issues for both the network for civilian purposes and military purposes.

The Spatial Sciences Institute also has given me many opportunities to succeed in my endeavor, such as being a part of the URAP SunSmart project and being involved in a series of map-a-thon events to help aid humanitarian disasters by using OpenStreetMap and other cartographic tools provided.

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