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Ph.D. Candidate, Landscape Architecture, Tongji University | (213) 421-4208 | AHF B55

2015 MLA, Landscape Architecture, Sichuan Agricultural University
2012 Bachelor of Agriculture, Department of Landscape Architecture, Sichuan Agricultural University

Peng is investigating anthropogenic disturbances influencing the population and habitat of the black­-necked crane (Grus nigricollis). To identify the habitat of black-necked crane and proper ecological carrying capacity, grazing capacity could be included in a comprehensive habitat and management model.

To test this hypothesis, she is using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to create and validate a habitat suitability model to predict the disturbance of black-necked crane’s habitats and combine it with spatial patterns of farming and grazing in the Dashanbao National Park to illustrate and model predicted outcomes of different conservation management scenarios. Such an approach fits into the emerging paradigm known as "geodesign" in which complex problems are addressed through testing many alternative scenarios with scientifically based and spatially explicit impact and benefit models.