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Curriculum Vitae

A.B. 2004, History, Harvard University
Ph.D. 2011, History, Columbia University

Nathan Perl-Rosenthal works on the political and cultural history of the eighteenth century North Atlantic, with a particular focus on the first age of revolutions, ca. 1760-1815. He is particularly interested in the relationships among the revolutions in North America, Europe and the Caribbean in this period. His dissertation, "Corresponding Republics," is a comparative study of the influence of old regime letter writing practice on elite political organizing in the American, Dutch and French Revolutions. He is currently working on a book project about cosmopolitan sailors in the age of revolutions. His writings have appeared in the William and Mary Quarterly, the Journal of the Early Republic, Research in Maritime History, and a number of other venues. He was educated at Harvard, the Sorbonne, and Columbia University.